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Types of closure

Review and maintenance of balcony glazing

Does your balcony no longer work like it used to? Lost sealing, functionality and beauty? Or do you just want to make sure everything is ok?
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We carry out repairs on glazing and curtains with warranty on the repair made

We carry out the proper disposal

All construction and maintenance waste is reused or disposed of properly if the customer allows the collection of waste.
We take the material that cannot be reused to waste management cooperatives, contributing to the environment!


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Modernization of facades

In addition to enhancing the condominium, the modernization of facades also brings more visibility, amplitude and beauty, raising quality, beauty and luxury


Wall modernization

Bringing greater beauty and sophistication, this type of modernization can also offer greater security due to the resistive properties of glass

Exclusive services

Special conditions for group shopping

Union is strength and we believe in it. Making collective purchases among residents, everyone pays the best price and receives their glazing faster!

Other products

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Made under measure, we deliver maximum quality to beautify and further enhance the look of your environment


Table tops

Bringing greater refinement to your tables, glass tops are a great design option, without losing quality and resistance



In addition to bringing greater sophistication, the glass doors also allow visibility without loss of acoustic privacy


Bathroom box

We have a wide catalog of box models to serve you better, bringing beauty and practicality without losing mobility

Meet our curtain division

In our group we also have a company specialized in curtains, blinds and awnings, Solar Screen Cortinas. The perfect solution for the decoration and lighting of your environment!

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